Cortex EEG

4.1 ( 4201 ratings )
건강 및 피트 니스 교육
개발자: Cliff Scherer
6.99 USD

Mobile neurofeedback with your NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile EEG headset.

With Cortex EEG you can use your iOS device in combination with a Neurosky Mindwave Mobile EEG headset to monitor your own brains activity. Cortex EEG integrates these devices to a powerful yet affordable brain tool.

By using operant conditioning, with Cortex EEG you get rewarded when your brain makes more of certain types of brain activity. Your brain might get a beep when its doing the right thing. By changing the EEG, changes occur in brain timing, and can create a more activated, alert and stable brain -- or a more calm brain.

Training that activity with Cortex EEG helps to improve self regulation.


Useful App *****
by ScotRocket - Version 1.2 - May 22, 2013

Useful app. Basic visual and audio feedback that is missing in other apps. Would love to see the reverse sound option added to attention sessions.

Good neurofeedback app *****
by bod1365 - Version 1.0.1 - Apr 12, 2013

Nice intuitive visualizations and a broad selection of sounds for neurofeedback. The feature to review neurofeedback sessions via interactive time series plot is nice.